A first day’s flight

Like Harry Potter U8 is a ‘natural’. Although only into his first full day of flying he is managing very well with no crashes or bludger hits that we have seen. He is staying close to the nest and making short forays out and back. Sometimes it takes a few circuits to get into a good position for landing back on the nest but he has avoided his sedentary siblings so far.

U6 and U7 are looking with great interest at the gyrations of their brother and have had us with hearts in mouths a few times when they have teetered on the edge flapping wildly. But as of 16.00 hours neither had had the courage to jump.

An interesting incident today involved an extra osprey around the nest. The intruder, flying overhead had a fish (seen catching below the viewpoint) and as in a previous incident this year it dived from a height above the nest and delivered the fish (a perch) to the 2 cowering chicks, bypassing KL, Unring and flipping past U8. What is this all about?

Congratulations to the Kielder Forestry Commission team who are celebrating their 50thchick. They currently have 4 breeding nest sites in the forests around the huge reservoir.