The Names of the Games

Following the naming of our 2016 chick Bega, the osprey chicks this year have also got  monikers

Elter – the U7 female. This is a Cumbrian word from the Scandinavian word eltr meaning swan (eg Elterwater) Elter has particularly lovely white under feathers!

Artegel – the U8 male – this is from Wordworth’s poem ‘Artegal and Elidur’ about Ancient British Kings.

Ulysses – U6 the youngest male – from the ancient Greek adventurer and traveller, who is traditionally seen as small but cunning and feisty. (or just say U6 fast a number of times)


Choosing the names was a really difficult decision, with over 100  names  put forward by members of the public, many of them beautiful and relevant. Over £200.00 was raised for the project which we hope will go towards the fund for new optical equipment for next year. Thank you to all those who took part.  If anyone wants to donate now through  Just Giving there is a link  on the home page of


The chicks continue to do well and are flying around the Bassenthwaite valley and perching on dead trees and branches, which may look like fun and games to us but in fact is serious practice for the long migration in a few weeks time. This uses up a lot of energy and they are generally quite hungry so  Unring the adult male bird is providing them with lots of  plump perch. KL their mother is still here but will be off to Africa as soon as she has built up fat reserves and is in good condition.