Migration Movement


The Lake District Osprey Project partnership has always been firmly embedded in the community, either directly, as staff and volunteers or as part of the networking resident population who observe and take joy from the natural world. Without this well-spring of support the Project would not have started and could not continue to enhance the bio-diversity of our beautiful National Park. And we would not have these pictures.

The question is of course, is this report our male bird Unring or another on its way up to Scotland? We’ll have our eyes peeled on the nest and surrounds this morning.

Just reporting sighting of osprey over Cogra Moss between 19.10 hrs to 19.20 hrs this evening 30th March. The bird was being mobbed by crows flying high above the lake by about 500ft.  It circled wide of the lake for a while diverted by the crows. Once it was clear of the crows for a short while it paused then dropped about 500ft right into the water. An attempt that appeared to fail as it re-emerged without fish to be mobbed again by crows. This was also witnessed by two trout fishermen.  They said it had been seen about five times recently.  I attach a few photos  taken with iPhone X.

Thanks to JCHowell