Picture the Pretender

This afternoon things seemed to have moved forward a little. There seems to be now only one Pretender to KL’s throne, a female first seen on the 3rd of April. She has no ring and can be recognised by a fairly long brown mark down the back of her head . (All ospreys’ head markings are slightly different) Unring has a wider patch at the back of his head. The relationship seems to be one of fits and starts with the female going off for long periods and when she returnsĀ  Unring is not all that keen to give up his fish for her. The one she has in the picture above could well be her own catch.

Here is Unring – as you see, wings slightly defensively drooped – so still not really comfortable with the new lady perched with a fish on the next branch.

Meanwhile No 14 has loitered in France.