Blue Bird’s Over

How lucky is it to be able to view the ospreys from your own house?                         Even better when the household comes up to Whinlatter to report the sighting and check out the CCTV footage. This morning 3 birds were spotted over the marsh in just such a manner.

One of course was Unring, one probably his off/on female, but who was the other? We didn’t have to wait long before a skirl of wings heralded yet another stranger bird ganging doon on the nest. Distinguished by broad dark line down the back of its head it may have been either a bonnie lad or lassie. We knew instantly it must be a Scottish bird as it had a blue colour ring on its left leg. (English and Welsh birds have their colour rings on the right)

All we needed to do was to read the white lettering and we would ken its age, where it was hatched and perhaps where it is nesting. We watched avidly as it contentedly shuffled about the nest cup, picking up a bit of moss here, laying down a bit of stick there and looking lazily out at the view. But its legs showed as coyly as white sheep in a Scots mist, hidden either by its feathers or by the deep bed of pale dry grass. After 15 mins of pop-eyed concentration from staff and visitors it flew off – probably over the Border and never to be seen again – leaving nothing but a wee snippet of film showing a blue blur with a mark that could have been an X or a Y or a V.

No 14 has got going again and at the last download yesterday was at Le Toquet, North France ready to cross the channel. Look out Angleterre!

The film below looks hopeful, but if you look carefully the hit and miss aspect of the new relationship is very obvious. Unring is going through the actions but is unsuccessful in the deed.