A sense of ownership

Today saw a further visit from Longstreak, so 2 ospreys were skimming over the valley. Then suddenly a silhouette cut the sky line and there was a third one high above. After a few investigative twirls over the lake Unring swooped back to lay claim to his nest. On his first pass both resident crows, who were obviously alarmed with the sight of so many birds of prey in the immediate vicinity, rose up and one after the other buffeted him off the branch he had been meaning to perch on.

On the second pass he landed on the nest and mantled, spreading both wings wide, looking up with one eye after the other at the intruder bird. An instant later Longstreak joined him. As it is not ‘her’ nest she was quite unfazed by the bird overhead. However, the fact that she was there seemed to indicate she felt some loyalty to Unring or the site. Indeed, after Unring flew off again a few minutes later, presumably to see if the other bird was on its way, she turned over a few sticks. This was something we had not seen before and an encouraging indication that she approves of the site. Or maybe, only the threat awoke her instinct to lay some claim to it.