Dodd and Douglas

Douglas fir awaiting transport

   Those of you visiting Dodd Wood will have seen the results of a winter of tree management. The Forestry Commission manages its woods for timber, people and wildlife. The trees are a crop, albeit one with an 60+ year growing cycle!
The pride of the timber stock are the Douglas fir trees, rising straight as paint brushes colouring the sky.
Their Native home is the Canadian West Coast, so they thrive on the similar amounts of rain the Lake District generally provides. Unusually, although a conifer, they are classed as a hard wood so, together with their size they are prized for special projects.
This year for logs such as these, some are going to the Baltic Ports to be used as part of a project to restore port infrastructure, beginning with the dock in Hamburg, Germany.
Others are being sent to Portsmouth and Plymouth to be used as masts for tall ships and a shipment is being sent to Boston Mass. to be used in building projects in America.
Time to start becoming an arm-chair tree traveller!