Reed all about no 14

Number 14

Here is a map of the past week, where 14 can be seen to have been zig-zagging about various parts of South Cumbria. He has beenĀ  at Esthwaite, and Roudsea nest sites, fishing in the estuaries and making an occasional visit to Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve.

As 14 flies over Leighton Moss with bird’s eye view, he will spot quartering marsh harriers, families of bearded tits, twirling their tails and moustaches around the stems of their watery forest, and possibly the booming bittern lurking in the largest reed bed in England. As we have only a little reed bed on Bass it cannot support all these specialist habitat birds. But, after last year’s surprise breeding, this year we are still having good sightings of a female marsh harrier interested in the site. With the increasing numbers nationally they may well use it another year.