Mystery Blue


As the summer has progressed we have been expecting to see other ospreys exploring the area. These will be birds like our No14 who are not yet mated and have not decided upon a nest site. As we know they can fly considerable distances just having a look around. Ospreys are incredibly nosey about other osprey nests – who knows but they could be abandoned, poorly defended or a potential home for the next year, so always worth checking out.

Unring must have been less vigilant than usual because we caught this bird sitting eating a very large fish on the branch beside the nest on Friday 22nd June.

It has a Blue ring on its Left leg so it is probably a Scottish Bird. However, here the trail goes cold. So far, we have not been able to trace the letter/number CA3. There appears to be no record on the internet lists so we are making enquiries through official channels. (It is not a local post code!)