Difishion of labour

Although there have been some tremendous sightings of our ospreys from the Dodd Viewpoints this year, fishing, flying and perching in the ‘Y tree’ there have been very few sightings on the nest. This has been because Unring has been visiting it only very fleetingly. Our live CCTV view of the nest has been a bit like hosting an invisible lodger, although instead of washing up appearing and disappearing and the odd move of furniture it has been the sticks, moss and grass that have been added or their position changed.

However, on Friday we had the joy of seeing Unring settle on a nearby branch with an ENORMOUS trout. He obviously thought that home would be a quiet place to enjoy a late lunch. He reckoned without taking the beady eyes of his lady friend, Longstreak, into consideration. Seeing her homing in from afar he hopped onto the nest and started mantling his prey, hiding it with his wings – perhaps she wouldn’t notice?

Small chance of that! A minute later she was standing beside him and with determined subservience  edged nearer and nearer, peering under his pinions to catch a glimpse of his piscatorial prey. With a palpable sigh he flicked back his wings Рshe was obviously going to win so it might as well be now as in 3 minutes time. She neatly hooked it with her beak, transferred it to her claws and turning her back on him, took off. Well Рwhat are men for but to look after hungry ladies?