2019 Spring and Ospreys start Migration

After a winter of luxury and, hopefully, his fill of energy giving fish Number 14, our satellite tagged bird, has set off from his perch on the island of Bioko. Hatched in 2013, in the nest at the South end of Bassenthwaite Lake this male chick (parents Unring and KL) has kept us spellbound with his terrific journeys across the African and European continents. Here we can see he has flown 500 miles North from the island into Nigeria and is poised to cross the Sahara Desert

On the way he would have had a bird’s eye view of the monolithic Zuma Rock, just west of Abuja, the capital city. This is an igneous intrusion, 725m  high and about 3km circumference, rising out of a green river of trees, high and bald as a hippo’s back.

It looks as if it should be associated with eagles but its old name, Zumwa, means ‘the place of catching  guinea fowls’.

Zuma Rock Nigeria photo Jeff Attaway Wikipedia