The fickleness of females

Over the past week we have been plunging between emotional highs and lows as Unring’s love life unfolds. Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and there is a female waiting for fish and sometimes he wakes up and there is no bird in sight! When this happens he dashes back to his nest and spends time gathering nest material to put in it. When a female is around he is naturally somewhat distracted. Because of this flighty behaviour we are not even certain whether we are looking at one or more ladies. Is it the same female coming in and out of his life or is it a series of them, moving on up to Scotland after a free meal?

He is certainly working hard to attract a mate, one morning he spent a long time calling – probably because he spotted a bird flying over.

Here he is lying on his tummy using his feet and breast to hollow the sides of the nest cup out.