Love in a Cold Clime

There is an old saying, ‘When the gorse is in flower, it is kissing time.’ The point being that gorse flowers all year, even in the depths of winter. However, in April it reaches its zenith with the spiny bushes being covered with the yellow pea-shaped flowers, looking from a distance like butter slathed over a rather coarse wholemeal bloomer. If that is not enough a spot of warm sun brings out its perfume and you can walk along the grassy tracks of Lakeland bathed in warm wafts of coconut.

Not that that has been the case over the last week. Sunshine, yes, but there has been a bitingly cold wind that has turned fingers blue and ensured that the thermals are nowhere near being packed away. One would wonder how a migratory bird  from the sunny equator finds love attractive in such a chilly spot. But for Easter holidaymakers, striding out to the Viewpoints at Dodd, it is certainly better than the usual cool drizzle of a Northern Spring.

Gorse, of course