Nest Takeover !

Apologies for the lack of posting for a while, we were hit by a bad storm resulting in a power outing and damaged phone line, but all fixed now, so it has been quite a week!

To cap it all, a new female has taken the Marsh nest.  She arrived on Thursday afternoon, and ousted the un-ringed female, claiming the nest for herself.  What is interesting is that this bird is ringed, White KL on her left leg, what is amazing is that she has been seen and photographed in Senegal in 2011 and 2012 by colleagues from the Rutland Osprey Project!  She was ringed near Loch Arkaig in Inverness-shire on 19/06/09, so at four years old this could be her first year of breeding, fingers crossed.

Our un-ringed male seems to have also been charmed by her, as he has been mating with her and bringing lots of fish to the nest, with no sign of the un-ringed female she has ousted.  The photo shows KL on the right hand side and the male on the left.