Heads up!

Tuesday saw us celebrating two weeks since the eldest chick made its entrance to the world and the chicks thought they would mark the occassion by giving us our first glimpse of one of them over the lip of the nest!
This was an especially exciting event for us as the loss of our “third eye” beaming us footage from up close and personal inside the nest has meant that we are having to resort to good old “boots on the ground”observation to see what is going on. And a great big dollop of patience!

Two of Bassenthwaite’s young chicks enjoying some sunshine. Look how small they are in that great big nest!

At this stage the chicks are still quite small so we are just seeing the head wobbling around at Mum’s feet when it is dinner time, but as they grow we will be able to see more and more…and maybe finally answer the question on everyone’s lips:

How many chicks are there?

Osprey chicks are hatched at 2-3 day intervals, resulting in a brood that resemble Russian dolls. This means that the oldest is the biggest and the one we are most likely seeing at the moment, but any siblings it has should be hot on its heels. For the moment, visitors, volunteers and staff alike are enjoying the frisson of mystery and anticipation as we gaze intently down the scopes for those precious glimpses of the chick(s).
Come join us at Dodd viewpoint daily 10-5 and see what you can see!

(Please note: images of the osprey nest are from archive)