Hot off the nest

It has been a day of the most glorious sunny weather with clear blue skies and light dancing off the water.  The greens of the late bursting leaves are as vibrant as a paint pallet. A different world from last Monday when there was rain hail and sleet! Our birds are continuing  incubation with the same singlemindedness they began with. Today though has been a bit of a trial as they have built the nest up and lined it so well that  they are finding it difficult to keep cool. Something like being wrapped in a winter tog duvet with  your back exposed to a sunlamp. Both birds combat this by panting and sticking out their sorbet pink tongues like dogs – but with no dribble. Relief came for the birds at four o’clock when clouds rolled in with a shower but it was a bit disappointing for all of those planning to have an evening picnic by the Lakeshore and conduct their own Springwatch.vlcsnap-00208