Day 35

With bated breath we have been awaiting Day 35, which is the first day that an egg could have hatched. (If you remember KL started sitting on May 7th.) All day we have been staring at the CCTV screen hoping for some signs that a chick had cracked its way out of an egg shell. Tantalisingly there were a slight behavioural changes with the adults coming and going from the nest slightly more often and KL standing up more regularly. However, the clinching factor would have been when the afternoon fish came in. Would KL take it to the nest and make her first attempt to feed a chick, dipping her head into the nest cup with tiny bits of fish held at the ready? The answer was ‘No’. In fact she continued eating on the nearby branch for quite a few minutes after her mate had flown off the eggs. To be fair if a chick HAD just hatched it would need a good rest before feeding. Breaking through shell must be like chipping through concrete with a pick-axe strapped to your nose and only neck muscles to power the swing. It can take some time. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.