Early days


Day 39. A day of sunshine and showers and a cool breeze racing the clouds across the hillsides. From Dodd KL could be seen brooding, with her mate staying close to the nest. Every now and again she would stand up so that both of them could look at their chick. We noticed with our previous male No-ring that it seemed to be important for him to have time just to observe his offspring and form a bond, and this male is no different. He has responded in true osprey style by bringing in extra fish. Yesterday KL was sitting with a large headless pike under her tail, a rather chewed perch under her breast and somewhere squashed between presumably, a chick and one or maybe two eggs. It brought whole new meaning to the concept ‘breakfast in bed.’

Unfortunately, although food was then always on hand to feed to the chick it proved to be irresistible to the crows also, one of which actually squatted on the side of the nest, ducking away just out of reach¬† every time KL lunged at it.¬† The pair still haven’t learned how important it is to tidy up after every meal.

Going back to the eggs, today could see the egg number two hatching as it is due two days after the first. However, as we are still not able to see anything but a slight flicker of movement occasionally through the woven wall of sticks we will have no way of knowing until we can count heads above the parapet.