First Views

KL and her mate have been doing a great job over the past few days. Our Lad has been bringing in fish by the bucketful so there is always something to feed the chicks on. We still cannot see into the nest cup but we think that another one did hatch on Saturday as it looks as if KL is popping food down in two different places at times. Could there even be three chicks? Monday would have been the last hatch date and indeed KL was brooding tightly up until this day. However, she is now behaving much more freely, going off to have a bath and leaving the chicks with Dad to keep an eye on them, so we know that there are no more eggs left to hatch.

The chick hatched on Thursday will of course be the biggest and will be growing tremendously fast – so fast in fact that we managed to snap this as it reached up to take food from Mum. Its fluffy white dandelion clock head just wobbled into view, already showing2013.06.171stchick2g the beginnings of the characteristic black bandit mask around its dark eye. Keep a look out on the osprey webcam to see if you can spot any siblings. (Go to ‘Latest News’ tab above on home page and click on the drop down for the webcam)