Dads do it with Fish!

Our 24 hour Protection team do a grand job, as proved by 13 years of safe and successful breeding.Often they are out in all weathers, the dark, cold and rain and broiling sunshine. However, it does give an opportunity to see bird behaviours that others might miss. Here is just such an account  by one of the Team

July 15th

Just got back after an interesting evening.  Male came back with a fish 8.30 and beheaded it on the branch below nest.  He then flew up onto the nest.  It was pouring down now and female was trying to get slivers off while staying low in the nest cup tp protect chick/s.  Male helped by getting slivers off and trying to feed chicks himself.  She would have none of that so he proceeded to take off slivers pass them to her and she bent down to feed chicks. 

We have only seen this sort of behaviour once before in 2007 when our original male No-ring was teaching his new young female how to care for the chicks by first of all feeding the chicks and then passing her bits of the right size. Shows ospreys to have vlcsnap-00234

some quite high level reasoning skills!

In the meantime back on the nest

KL has scuppered our attempts to see the chicks again. Fresh cut silage grass by the footful has been placed just where it blocks the camera view.As the first chick is now a week old it should be the size of a gosling.