Inspirational Ospreys

Over the season many schools both local and from around the United Kingdom visit the Whinlatter Visitor Centre to look at the CCTV ospreys. Some go further and make Ospreys the subject of their term topic.

So, we were really impressed when Montreal School from Cleator Moor brought in the peoms and maths work  they had done over the term, inspired by these wonderful birds.

Osprey Poem by Sam

The Osprey’s wings are as long and as strong as a rock.                                                    

It has talons as sharp as a freshly sharpened knife.                                                           

Its wings are the colour of dark chocolate icecream.                                                           

The Osprey has eyes like lemons that are fresh from a shop.                                         

The father swoops and dives for trout for tea.                                                                 

While hungry chicks stay safe in the eyrie.                                                                   

Mother builds up the nest,                                                                                             

Protecting and sheltering,                                                                                               

Preening and feeding her growing young.