The Osprey has Ended (for this season at least, but a new one has landed…briefly)

Sunday 01st September was the final day of the LDOPs 13th season, and did throw up some late season drama.    We had three birds today, two chicks and the male, but they were joined briefly by a fourth….it was not KL, but was a bird with a blue ring on its Left leg, we think KT, or possibly KY.  If anyone has any further information, please let us know.

Suffice to say, it will sadly not allow us to run the project any longer, but please remember, you are still more than welcome to visit the viewpoints at Dodd Wood, which remain open all year, but please be aware that they will no longer be staffed and optics will not be available, so please bring your own.

Many thanks for your support, on behalf of all of the staff and volunteers, and hopefully you will enjoy our chicks miraculous journeys to Africa. vlcsnap-00282