Lake District Osprey Over the Sahara.

14 into Africa

It is not every day that we can say that this afternoon at 3.00pm one of our Ospreys was flying over the Sahara Desert. We can today. Number 14 left the north coast of Africa at approximately 9.00 on the 18th, crossed the Atlas Mountains by 1600 on that day. By 6.00 this morning was crossing the north west corner of Mali ‘Tombouctou’ and by 1500 this afternoon had reached the eastern side of Mauritania – get ‘Pointless zero points if you name the capital city (clue on map) – He was flying at 1596m at a speed of 57kph, having covered over a thousand miles since leaving the coast with eight hundred miles to go before the coast of Gambia will come into sight.

Number 15 has now left France and at lunchtime today was making her way down the east coast of Spain. It is difficult country ahead of both of them so keep all those fingers crossed.