Lake District Ospreys ; Where are you going?

No.14 End of Sept 13

Both our young ospreys are heading south. On the evening of the 30th Number 14 was roosting in the Cote d’ Ivoire  (Ivory Coast) having crossed the border from Mali into Guinea and then from there into Cote d’ Ivoire. He  now seems to be taking more time between roosts, between 25th– 26th he did 81 miles, 26 – 27th  209miles, 27 – 28th
73 miles, 28 – 29th 60 miles. He seems to be using the same roost on the 30th as he used for the 29th. The question now is where will he go when he meets the coast? Extra points will be given if you can name the capital cities of Guinea and the Cote d’ Ivoire.

Number 15 is also making her way south. On the evening of the 30th she was crossing the Sahara Desert. She was still just about in Algeria but following a similar course to her big brother. Unlike him she likes to keep slow and low. On the 21st at a nearby spot he was 2041m high travelling at 63kph, while she at last recording was 132m high travelling at 23kph.