Lake District Osprey Project; Number 14

Number 14 has been in the Abengourou area of Cote D’Ivoire since the 4th October and seems to have discovered a nice lake just to the south of Abengourou itself – memories of the Lake District maybe? A lake that seems to be nameless as far as we can tell. Young Number 14 seems to have taken to the lake, presumably due to the fish in it, and made visits on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 19th of October, roosting close by on the 16th. On the 19th he decided to go on an outing to the north east and had a forty mile flight before finding a suitable place to stop for the night.

Unlike the Lake District temperatures in the area are currently between twenty two and thirty seven degrees centigrade with negligible wind. Humidity ranges between 40% and 85%. 1mm of rain is forecast.

.No 14 Abengourou 15-19 Oct13