Number 14 Looking for a new home.

The migration season for our young ospreys of 2013 seems to have come to an end.

For Number 15 it started on the 14th September when she flew south from Bassenthwaite and unfortunately finished in the Sahara Desert on the 4th October.

For Number 14 it started a few days earlier on the 10th September  and probably stopped somewhere around the 5th October over the Cote d’ ivoire. Our young male is now into another phase of his life, having survived the journey he is now into a more settled time looking for the best habitat he can find. He seems to have found an area that he can exist from, being between Abengourou and the border with Ghana, but seems still not totally satisfied. On the 19th October he had an overnight outing to the north east, a trip that took him into Ghana for a few hours on the 20th, but eventually brought him back to his original roosting sites mentioned above. He remained in that area again from the 20th until the 27th. After visiting the lake at Abengourou he has now gone on an expedition to the south west – could this be more successful?  On the 28th he was roosting alongside the Komoe’ River, a river that is 759 km long and meets the sea at Abidjan and is famous for its riparian forests.

Sharp eyed observers will note that he crossed this river on his journey east back on the 5th October hence the lower tracking line on our map.Number 14 End of Oct 13