A shell-tered confinement!

At 16.26 today KL laid her first egg! Unusually, she produced the egg within the Whinlatter Centre opening times and a fair number of osprey staff and visitors were glued to the CCTV screens and were able to witness a unique occasion. The whole procedure took about an hour, with noticeable changes in KL’s behaviour. Her stance in the nest changed from being fairly upright to holding herself lower. This alternated with restless pacing around the nest cup and anxious peering down between her legs. Then she flattened her back and splayed her wings out slightly and we could see ripples of effort across her back as she made a great push. Surely this was the moment – but she again started pacing. In the end after just the slightest shudder she relaxed and as she moved sideways slightly we all caught a glimpse of a round dark looking sphere. Within seconds she had it covered and with the characteristic wriggle of all brooding birds she got it into a comfortable position and tamped herself down firmly to start the next 36 days of incubation.
A few minutes later Unring landed beside her and rather hesitantly she drew back to let him have a look. (Click the blue link above) However, as you can see, at this point he proved a less than interested father, concentrating instead on busily moving sticks. It was if in the flurry of nest construction work over the last 2 weeks he had forgotten the reason behind it all. He did not even curl his toes in to guard the egg from his talons. Let’s hope it all comes back to him before his first incubation stint.