Watching incubation

Watching a bird incubating eggs is said to be a bit like watching paint dry or perhaps more aptly, watching a slow motion tumble dryer in the laundrette. Nothing happens for long periods but it can be very addictive in its restfulness. This goes for our birds as well as the people watching them. Over the past two weeks KL has been really getting into Big Moma mode and sits tight, often drowsing in cat naps, she is so relaxed.
Unring, not having quite the biological stimulus of KL took a bit longer to get into ‘egg mode’. For the first 24 hours he was still completely focussed on nest building (his overriding mission for the previous two weeks) Slowing down from this intense activity, understandably. took a little while. Watching him brooding the eggs was like watching an ants in the pants comedy as he twisted and stamped around, trying to get comfortable, turning the eggs every 10 minutes and fiddling with every stick and bit of hay within reach. However, 3 days on he had calmed down and now thoroughly enjoys his allowed brood time.