Counting the days

Osprey eggs generally take between 36 and 39 days to hatch.
KL laid her eggs on April 23rd, April 26th and April 29th. As ospreys begin brooding as soon as the first egg is laid this means that the first could hatch today!! Or it could be tomorrow or the next or the next and in any case no-one should count their ospreys before they are hatched! As far as we can tell this has been an uneventful incubation, with very few human alarms or disturbances – thanks to our 24hour Protection Team.
Inside the eggshells though we hope for a much more dynamic story, of growth and life and change, from a simple string of cells to an infinitely complex structure with the potential to breathe, eat, and eventually fish and fly. At this moment the chicks inside should moving around under their own volition. Their tiny hearts will be beating and stick legs kicking, maybe even the first involuntary taps and shoves with their beaks at their calciferous womb wall. KL and Unring will certainly be able to feel the eggs quivering. With any luck we may also be able to witness the hatch through the eye of our nest camera, whenever the parent birds raise up. In the meantime – Keep off crows!