Ringing 2014

M21A3527 B18A8936

Our two chicks were ringed on Friday 11th July. The weather was calm and mild so our tree climbers and ringing team got through the process in the minimum of time.

Both chicks were lowered down to the ground from the nest in a bag and had their ‘health check’.

The eldest chick (2) was completely healthy and quite feisty, getting in a few nips to the ringers’ fingers.. It had a British Trust for Ornithology metal ring fitted to its left leg and a colour ring fitted to its right leg so it is now officially called ‘Blue 8A’. Its weight and size indicated that it was a male. It had a small satellite transmitter fitted in the manner of a back pack. It is now bleeping regularly – so we look eagerly forward to monitoring his first flights in a couple of weeks’ time.

As has been obvious through the CCTV camera, chick Three was a lot smaller and less well developed than its sibling, due to its previous illness. However, Roy Dennis, the world Osprey expert, felt that if all went well, it would stand a good chance of fledging eventually. Very good news!  It is now ringed as Blue 9A. It did not have a transmitter fitted.

Very soon after the chicks were returned to the nest KL landed and a while later our male brought in a good sized fish and everything went back to normal. As usual neither of the chicks  have taken the slightest bit of notice of their ‘bling’.and just preen around it.

Thankyou for the great iImages by Ashley Cooper www.globalwarmingimages.net