Lake District Osprey Project; Last Chance to See…..

No 8A 260714

Yesterday, when we closed the viewpoints for the day, we thought we may have seen the last ospreys for the season as we had not seen them for several hours. This morning, however, both our males slowly emerged as time crept towards mid-day. We expect them to fly southwards any moment of any day now, but with 8A fully loaded with a modern satellite transmitter we should be able to plot his journey to Africa and if necessary beyond. No transmitter was necessary this afternoon, however, because for at least two hours 8A was sat, a few hundred yards away on the lake shore directly below the Lower Viewpoint giving us one of our best sightings of the season. To add to this his parent did the same thing at the Upper Viewpoint, but this time in the diamond shaped field.

The next few days will probably – if we remain lucky – be the last chance to see our ospreys this year. Our viewing areas close for the season at five O’clock on Sunday.

It will also be the last chance to see the location of the now world famous ‘Nestie’ site at Dodd Wood. If you have missed out on your ‘Nestie’ so far don’t leave it until Sunday afternoon, when the nest will magically disappear, get along there now!

Remember, ‘Nesties’ not just an experience, more a way of life!