8A Migration Day 7.

Day 7

Unfortunately since Sunday 7th September two downloads from the satellite have been missed. We would have  expected to receive one on Tuesday and another on Thursday but have not done so. Possible technical problems are being looked into but always in the back of our mind is the figure that only thirty to forty percent of ospreys survive the first year. The last record we have so far from 8A is his flight from near Castro Verde to Benafrim which is a distance of approximately 55.51 flying miles (89.36 km). It is interesting to note that he turned away from the first opportunity of crossing to Africa and that he flew over a large lake with possible opportunities to fish before arriving at the last site near Banafrim. The last break in transmission at 1500 was perfectly normal. Since leaving Bassenthwaite almost a week earlier he had flown over twelve hundred miles ( approx 2075 km).