Lake District Osprey Project; 8A Re-appears.

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, 8A has returned to us from a hot desert. We received a satellite download early this morning – yes it was a technical fault, well out of our control – Our bird over the last week has put on another thousand miles and probably lost a bit of weight in the process. He spent Sunday afternoon, yesterday, following the west african coast southwards towards Nouakchott, Mauritania (another old friend returns) an area well supported with fish. The record shows that over the last week he has spent at least three nights roosting in the desert, a bit different from Bassenthwaite. For those with a geography bent the record restarts south of Rabat in Morrocco, follows the river systems and mountains to Quarzatzate, Morrocco, then into the desert north of Tindouf, Algeria. He then crossed a section of western desert until meeting the sea once again north of Nouakchott, Mauritania.8A 150914