Lake District Ospreys Make Hay.

If you visit the Lake District Osprey Project at our Dodd Wood viewpoints you will notice on your way up the hill (take a breath 2) the following

Question 2

What size do you think the Ospreys nest is similar to?

A)     Single bed

B)      Baby’s cot

C)      Double bed

You will find part of the answer when you round an early bend on the way up to the second viewpoint. Here we have a life size model nest – contribute to it if you wish – which we occasionally have issues with.

One issue is that humans (yes, you!) tend to get a bit carried away and put large logs on it which an osprey would never be able to carry. An adult osprey can carry half its own body weight, a body of just less than two kilos can therefore carry about one kilo (2lbs?). So large logs are out.

The next issue is that people are rather tidy where ospreys are not. Look closely at the picture below and you will see a chaotic collection of sticks, straw and various bits and pieces, even part of a rotten fence post. More recently the ospreys have started competing with local farmers in making bales of hay for the nest.

An osprey nest is a rather wonderful thing. It evolves from a pudding bowl with a soft moss centre for the eggs and chicks, it is turned into a play pen with stick walls as the chicks grow and finally turns into a helipad from which to fly.

What it is not is tidy!

Come on folks be untidy for wildlife and start with our nest on the way to the upper viewpoint.

Answers to Question 2 are at the top viewpoint along with views of the nest.Hay,Hay!