Osprey Chicks on the nest

                                     Welcome to the Lake District Osprey Project website 2020.

We have had a gap where all staff and volunteers were on furlough but the ospreys have continued following the cycle of the seasons and have bred successfully. Catch up with them using the diary and media links below!

                                      FIRST EGG LAID MONDAY APRIL 20th .

                             FIRST CHICK HATCHED MAY 28th

                         FIRST FLEDGING  Circa JULY 20th

Corona Virus

Given the current health emergency, and guidance from Government on social distancing, to safeguard everyone, we cannot provide telescopes or staffed information at the Dodd Viewpoints.

However, the Forests and their Car Parks are now open at both Dodd and Whinlatter.  You are welcome to go up to the Dodd View Points and see if you can spot one of the breeding pair flying on the Marsh or fishing over Bassenthwaite, using your own optics.

  • Current status of Bassenthwaite Ospreys:- The two birds flying in the area since the end of March finally settled down to lay a clutch of Eggs. We were not sure if there were two or three laid. Two healthy chicks were seen a few weeks later in the nest. These have now fledged, and are practising flying and fishing first with their parents, now with just Dad over the Lake.
  • As of August 23rd the adult female osprey has not been seen and we have assumed she has started her migration back to Africa.
No 14 our ‘Star’ traveller, hatched 2013,  as usual spent his winter in Bioko, fishing and roosting.  This year 2020 he started his journey on 17th March and arrived back in the Lakes on April 6th. The diary tells of his day by day journey this Spring. He settled back in South Lakes on arrival but still has not found the love of his life! 
  • Keep reading the Diary as we hope to put in osprey news and  new information about other wildlife of the Bassenthwaite valley as it happens

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Roudsea to Wrexham – and that was the first indication that No 14 had started his migration back to his wintering grounds in Bioko on Wednesday 16th Sept. It was a leisurely trip starting at 06.55 with some swoops around the bay before heading off over the North Wales Coast and landing in a strip of woodland adjacent to a river near Wrexham. Via the M6 the journey would have been about 140 miles.

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