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The Lake District Osprey Project is a partnership of people and organisations. Postal address:  Forestry England, Whinlatter Forest, Braithwaite, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 5TW.

Press Enquiries

All Press enquiries at this time are through:

Stuart Burgess

Media Relations and Reputation Manager

National Office, Bristol

Forestry England (Forestry Commission)


T: 0300 067 4073

M: 07785 748351


We issue press releases throughout the Osprey season to coincide with important milestones such as the chicks hatching. In addition we have produced an Osprey Fact File giving details about the partnership, history of ospreys in Cumbria and osprey biology.


Recent Posts

Eggs! A chilly start to season this year’s clutch.

Picture from a previous year – showing a full clutch of 3 eggs

The Bassenthwaite birds have done it again. On Saturday 10th April the behaviour of the birds changed with both looking a little uncomfortable. The female stood hunched in the nest whilst the male flew around with a fish – but her mind was on higher things!!

Here’s an on-the-spot account by one of the watchers:-

‘There was one bird standing hunched on the edge of the nest looking about. After a time it sat down in the nest with only its head visible. At about 3:30 another osprey flew by carrying a fish. It did not stop at the nest, but flew round a couple of times then went off towards the south. The other bird stood up and looked about, but did  not leave the nest. I stayed for about another ½ hour, and nothing further happened. It then started to snow and got very cold, so I came home.’

By Sunday it seemed that the first egg had been laid although mating continued – a sure sign that more eggs are on the way. Eggs are laid at 2 day intervals and so her clutch will have been completed sometime in the middle of that week. She is now sitting tightly.

Crossed fingers for the next month of sitting.

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