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The Lake District Osprey Project is a partnership of people and organisations. Postal address:  Forestry England, Whinlatter Forest, Braithwaite, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 5TW.

Press Enquiries

All Press enquiries at this time are through:

Stuart Burgess

Media Relations and Reputation Manager

National Office, Bristol

Forestry England (Forestry Commission)


T: 0300 067 4073

M: 07785 748351


We issue press releases throughout the Osprey season to coincide with important milestones such as the chicks hatching. In addition we have produced an Osprey Fact File giving details about the partnership, history of ospreys in Cumbria and osprey biology.


Recent Posts

Through France and Spain and into Africa

Through Southern France and over the Pyrenees, skirting around Spain and over the Mediterranean (actually the bit called the Alboran Sea) to Morocco. 30.09.2020.


Across the Atlas Mountains into Algeria and across the Grand Erg Occidental Desert to roost in the mountains.


Then an odd divergence to the East along the mountain range, passing an even odder landscape feature.

A moon landscape with what looks to be an enormous meteor strike. The Tin Bider crater was formed in the last 70 million years, perhaps in the late Cretaceous or early Tertiary Period.Spanning 6 kilometres, the crater sits at the southern end of a range of hills.


He’s crossed out of Algeria into Mali and he’s heading southwards to follow the Niger River which should take him through the SW corner of Niger into Nigeria and down to the coast.

‘We have been made aware of a possible ringing recovery involving White 14.  We are working closely with the British Trust for Ornithology, and will update when they can confirm or deny these reports.’


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